vrijdag 5 november 2010

News UTM

After UTM exhibition we will be back, completely finished with new pictures and a motivation to continue with what we do, your images to dish up beyond the traditional railroad photography. This blog will serve as a newspaper for what the UTM Web site concerns, we will from time to time here and also some images show a series of links that offer more and railways will extend further than just ... photography! 
The entire UTM team

For lovers of flash, also useful in railroad photography
By two great French photographers

Report on the railroad Emmelshausen Boppard in Germany, Part 1 by photographer Nazgul UTM. Still drive a locomotive of the series 218 of these "steilstrecke" through a wooded landscape. Our photographer took the first part of a report by the line on foot to photograph, typified by many small and narrow tunnels, cuts and a BR218 with two cars! on UTM way ... Part 1 coming soon.

Pictures by N├Ązgul UTM

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